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Merry Christmas everyone!Here is our kitty Chesh sporting a santa hat and bopping his head :)Enjoy

»Click the Kitty for animation«

Merry Christmas everyone!

Here is our kitty Chesh sporting a santa hat and bopping his head :)


»Click the Kitty for animation«

This little guy was hanging out on our driveway so I took him some cat treats to coax him into posing for me. 

It was a clear Tuesday night great for sniffing garbage and scratching tasty morsels of trash out of the piles lining the paths of Browns Bay.

Off into the sunset shrubs he strode… a proud little hedgehog. I call him Hedgie.

(For a close up pose goto the blog)

Chesh looking for the red dot!

Chesh looking for the red dot!

Introducing Chesh. He’s our new kitten.This lil guy is just 13 weeks old. Being a British Short hair we decided on the name after the Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland fame.

Introducing Chesh. He’s our new kitten.

This lil guy is just 13 weeks old. Being a British Short hair we decided on the name after the Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland fame.

On our evening wander Rachel was feeding the ducks. They all decided to follow her like she was some kind of messiah leading them to a new and fertile land… okay maybe it wasn’t that epic but heres what it looked like from the ducks point of view.

Here’s one of the many butterflies from the Denver Butterfly Pavilion. 

It was really neat place to visist! Its so humid in there it felt like home. They also have some sweet tarantulas… you can even hold one. No we didn’t hold any. I stayed about a metre away and Rachel kept about a metre behind me.

We drove up the Boreas Pass above Breckenridge (Colorado) to take a few shots of the whole mountain to showcase the ski runs. This is 5 images stitched together.

The sky this week put on some good displays. Here is one I shot through our window by the front door. The cat tried to help but just ended up putting her wet nose in my ear… not so pleasant.

I figured a sunset shot would be fitting for my last photo of the year :)
Its weird to think its over… I don’t have to find/take a photo to post each day.

I am going to go ahead with my photo per week idea and post a weekly photo that was actually taken that week as opposed to my photo per day that I have taken whenever.

Another photo from Erin and Brendans Wedding a couple of weeks ago.
This is the sheltered outdoor area at Cassels.

Click the image to goto the blog then clicking on the photo will bring up a larger version.

There is a stream/creek at Waiake Beach in Torbay that runs out to sea. This creek happens to not be as deep as its name suggests. I used to kayak down it with  the scout group ‘Awatuna’. Waiake always reminds me of my friend Kareen who used to live just up from the beach :)

Anyway, while on the bank taking photos of a mammoth sized Pohutukawa I noticed the flowers of the Pohutukawa were already falling, leaving a red carpet on the sand.

This shot is looking towards the bridge that has the walkway alongside the creek.

Torbays Waiake Beach with Rangitoto in the background. Its a volcano :)

Check the iconic green picnic table :)

At Erin and Brendans wedding on 11 December there were these funky giant chalice vase/candle holder thingies on the tables.

Heres todays photos (shot on Wednesday)

I took some photos of pohutukawas this time last year for xmas cards. I wanted to do the same this year but went to the other end of the beach instead lol. I like Rangitoto Islands shape so used the Island as a nice backdrop with Waiake/Torbay Beach in the foreground.

I ate some bad pesto last night so Im off today trying not to let the alien in my belly rip its way out.

Anyway I needed some fresh air so I drove to the beach (Waiake / Torbay). While meandering all maudlin-like I noticed this rope climbing/playground thingie. I maneuvered my self under it and got the mess you see here. 


We went to a wedding yesterday at Cassels in Waitakere. While the Bride and Groom went to Bethels Beach for photos we hung out at the venue. I whipped out my camera as usual.

This outdoor chimney thing was looking all coy in the corner :)