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As we drove past Orewa Beach yesterday the wind was whipping up the waves. 

A few Wind/Kite Surfers took advantage.

The men’s room. Browns Bay beach on Aucklands North Shore.

heres some photos from Long Bay Beach :)

Go here: This 365 thing is OVER ya’ll :(

There is a stream/creek at Waiake Beach in Torbay that runs out to sea. This creek happens to not be as deep as its name suggests. I used to kayak down it with  the scout group ‘Awatuna’. Waiake always reminds me of my friend Kareen who used to live just up from the beach :)

Anyway, while on the bank taking photos of a mammoth sized Pohutukawa I noticed the flowers of the Pohutukawa were already falling, leaving a red carpet on the sand.

This shot is looking towards the bridge that has the walkway alongside the creek.

Torbays Waiake Beach with Rangitoto in the background. Its a volcano :)

Check the iconic green picnic table :)

The other end of the mural I posted yesterday. It features the iconic painted green bench of the North Shore beaches.

The bridge passes over the creek (thats not so deep) rather than people having to brave the traffic shooting down beach road.

A mural of a  fisherman down by the Tor at Torbays Waiake Beach. The bridge passes over the creek that heads out into the beach. Under the bridge is a wooden decking walkway that passes this mural.

I remember running under the bridge with friends in summer and hauling kayaks along it with the Sea Scouts.

I ran into an ‘older’ lady on her morning walk who pointed out a heron to me fishing in the creek.


I ate some bad pesto last night so Im off today trying not to let the alien in my belly rip its way out.

Anyway I needed some fresh air so I drove to the beach (Waiake / Torbay). While meandering all maudlin-like I noticed this rope climbing/playground thingie. I maneuvered my self under it and got the mess you see here. 


Some people enjoying the elements by harnessing the power of WIND to fly their kite.

Taken at Mount Maunganui, about halfway up the beach.


Theres something in water… Some. Thing

The life guards in training… Some relay competition thungy was going on at Mount Maunganui Beach

lol had to post this shot of the lil kid bailing! Face plant hahahaha /sigh

The moon was out late Friday night, or should I say Saturday morning. We got up for a walk on the beach and the moon was still meandering home over the morning sky.

Heres some kids building a volcano on the Mount Maunganui Beach :) it was deep enough for them to stand in the middle up to the oldest boys waist. He was good enough to pose for me but I was in a hurry so it was really badly exposed but I like this shot too.

Brendans ‘sunnies’ had some awesome reflectivenessity (yes I know its not a word… Its a neologism, deal with it :p) SO I snapped them.