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Driving up the Loveland Pass over the Continental Divide I braved the freezing wind and snow to take a few pics with my iPhone4. Then I stitched them together with PS.


The Q4 building Spire decked out as a Xmas tree. Smales farm is all dressed up for the season with lights in the trees and the lamp posts decorated with electronic Christmas cheer stencil light thingies.


Baked pear desert smothered with rum caramel and embraced by pastry all infused with star anise

A bench at the beach (Takapuna)

Taken with my iPhone4

On Monday we went for dinner at Gusto Italiano ( for our 6 month Wedding Anniversary.

I had a large gnocchi filled with ricotta and truffle covered with a tomato and basil sauce… it was incredibly tasty! I dont often clear my plate when I’m out to dinner but I couldn’t resist. Rachel had a smaller (normal sized) pumpkin gnocchi with a creamy pumpkin sauce. I could have checked the online menu but meh.

We had some great Italian wine too! I had a Barbara or something like that and Rach had a Nero D’Avola from southern Italy (Sicily).

I highly recommend it. The photo is actually across the road from the Restaurant though. I used the iPhone4 HDR again :) 

Heres a shot of Rach wandering past this cave in the cliffs at Rothesay bay. I lay in wait ready to pounce muhahaha.

It isnt a huge cave. It is a few metres deep but its pretty damp in there!

Iphone HDR FTW