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The L.A. Skyline from above the city at the Getty Museum.

Its an amazing Museum with some outstanding views of the city. We were there in January with some local friends. It was a great sunny day, perfect for capturing the nice smoggy layer over the city. Its actually quite pretty despite being really bad for the environment…

The garden you see is really nice to wander around and relax or sit down in the shade and appreciate the view. There is a neat little stream that wends its way down a path to the big water feature maze thing you can see above.

This is the path up to the twin lakes. The lakes were both frozen. It was a very bucolic setting amid the small city. A few people were out enjoying peaceful and serene and sunset.

Introducing Chesh. He’s our new kitten.This lil guy is just 13 weeks old. Being a British Short hair we decided on the name after the Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland fame.

Introducing Chesh. He’s our new kitten.

This lil guy is just 13 weeks old. Being a British Short hair we decided on the name after the Cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland fame.


Rach and I went wandering yesterday afternoon to find a good place to take a shot of the sun setting over Breck. It seems to set about 5pm every night, almost like clockwork!

Just as our toes were starting to protest about standing in the snow for so long while we waited for the sun to dip below the mountain, I saw this horse and cart emerge around the corner I pounced on my remote and got this shot. 

Once the shutter released I quickly packed up my tripod and camera and we headed off to D’vine Wine for some tastings. Great evening!!!

heres some photos from Long Bay Beach :)

Go here: This 365 thing is OVER ya’ll :(

The sky this week put on some good displays. Here is one I shot through our window by the front door. The cat tried to help but just ended up putting her wet nose in my ear… not so pleasant.

I figured a sunset shot would be fitting for my last photo of the year :)
Its weird to think its over… I don’t have to find/take a photo to post each day.

I am going to go ahead with my photo per week idea and post a weekly photo that was actually taken that week as opposed to my photo per day that I have taken whenever.

This abandoned shoe has been sitting at the start of Langana, off John Downs Drive, for a while now. We keep passing it on our walks. It has been ‘tagged’ with what looks like white out / correction fluid. I wont repeat what it says in case there are kids around lol However if you live down this way I invite you to go and observe the crude street art.

I made my wife stop and wait while I knelt on the road and took a photo of the lonesome footwear with my trusty iphone4.

My sister and her husband are going away for 5 days so we are kitty sitting their lil Ninja.

Here she is after exploring our kitchen and having a bite to eat :)

She is now exploring the rest of our little house and attempting to climb anything and everything. Shes cute though so its ok.

Another photo from Erin and Brendans Wedding a couple of weeks ago.
This is the sheltered outdoor area at Cassels.

Click the image to goto the blog then clicking on the photo will bring up a larger version.

There is a stream/creek at Waiake Beach in Torbay that runs out to sea. This creek happens to not be as deep as its name suggests. I used to kayak down it with  the scout group ‘Awatuna’. Waiake always reminds me of my friend Kareen who used to live just up from the beach :)

Anyway, while on the bank taking photos of a mammoth sized Pohutukawa I noticed the flowers of the Pohutukawa were already falling, leaving a red carpet on the sand.

This shot is looking towards the bridge that has the walkway alongside the creek.

The xmas tree at work has these great shiny red ornaments.

Here is a reflection of someone placing some coal under the tree… or is that an iphone4? hhmmmm…

This Pohutukawa is a big beasty… and seriously hairy for a tree. I guess it is a native hehe

Its guards the bridge under Beach road at Waiake Beach, Torbay on Aucklands North Shore. I can remember climbing it as a youngun.

At Erin and Brendans wedding on 11 December there were these funky giant chalice vase/candle holder thingies on the tables.

The other end of the mural I posted yesterday. It features the iconic painted green bench of the North Shore beaches.

The bridge passes over the creek (thats not so deep) rather than people having to brave the traffic shooting down beach road.

A mural of a  fisherman down by the Tor at Torbays Waiake Beach. The bridge passes over the creek that heads out into the beach. Under the bridge is a wooden decking walkway that passes this mural.

I remember running under the bridge with friends in summer and hauling kayaks along it with the Sea Scouts.

I ran into an ‘older’ lady on her morning walk who pointed out a heron to me fishing in the creek.