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While honeymooning in Breckenridge Colorado there was a snow sculpting competition held.

In February, artists from around the world flocked to a little ski village in Colorado named BRECKENRIDGE!

Leading up to their arrival, tons of snow was packed into massive frame boxes to give them a block of hard snow to carve. Over a week they carved some amazing designs then lit them up at night.

At the Pizzeria (Pizza Carlo) at Copper Mountain the guys actually flip the dough in the air and spin it around! It was so coool!

I re-revisited this image. I wanted to remove some of the foreground bits that were a bit distracting :) I think it worked quote nicely… I so want to get this printed nice ‘n’ big… just have to convince the Wife hehe

This is the path up to the twin lakes. The lakes were both frozen. It was a very bucolic setting amid the small city. A few people were out enjoying peaceful and serene and sunset.

We drove up the Boreas Pass above Breckenridge (Colorado) to take a few shots of the whole mountain to showcase the ski runs. This is 5 images stitched together.

I re-processed this image with the techniques from Scott Wydens blog:

Rach and I went wandering yesterday afternoon to find a good place to take a shot of the sun setting over Breck. It seems to set about 5pm every night, almost like clockwork!

Just as our toes were starting to protest about standing in the snow for so long while we waited for the sun to dip below the mountain, I saw this horse and cart emerge around the corner I pounced on my remote and got this shot. 

Once the shutter released I quickly packed up my tripod and camera and we headed off to D’vine Wine for some tastings. Great evening!!!

This is one of the award winning snow sculptures titled Spirits of the Aurora at the Breckenridge Ski Resort Snow Scuplting Competition.I took 3 landscape images and stitched them together to get better quality.

Driving up the Loveland Pass over the Continental Divide I braved the freezing wind and snow to take a few pics with my iPhone4. Then I stitched them together with PS.


This was pretty much my first time skiiing… My wife (girlfriend at the time) decided I’d be fine on the blue slope. I was ok really apart from turning to far and ending up skiing up hill until gravity pulled me backwards down the mountain.

It was good fun and great weather!

This is down a ski run in Japan near where I proposed to my wife :)

Its at Happo One in Nagano where they had the winter Olympics once upon a time.

It was magical.

From Big White in Canada I bring you SNOW FLAKES!!!! in Rachels hair :)

We have been organising our honeymoon (in Brekenridge, Colorado) so Im all hyped up on snow dreams hehe I had never seen snow flakes like this before. Its a pity I didnt have manual focus on this camera though :(

A skier wandering up the slope at Treble Cone last season. It was such a sunny day I almost took my jacket off. /que sexytime music

The views from up there are soooo amazing! The clouds sit in the valley below hiding the glassey lakes beneath them. The craggy peaks funnel the mountains into the valley below the ski field like giant shepherds. MMMmmm goodtimes