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I re-revisited this image. I wanted to remove some of the foreground bits that were a bit distracting :) I think it worked quote nicely… I so want to get this printed nice ‘n’ big… just have to convince the Wife hehe

This is the path up to the twin lakes. The lakes were both frozen. It was a very bucolic setting amid the small city. A few people were out enjoying peaceful and serene and sunset.


Rach and I went wandering yesterday afternoon to find a good place to take a shot of the sun setting over Breck. It seems to set about 5pm every night, almost like clockwork!

Just as our toes were starting to protest about standing in the snow for so long while we waited for the sun to dip below the mountain, I saw this horse and cart emerge around the corner I pounced on my remote and got this shot. 

Once the shutter released I quickly packed up my tripod and camera and we headed off to D’vine Wine for some tastings. Great evening!!!

The sky this week put on some good displays. Here is one I shot through our window by the front door. The cat tried to help but just ended up putting her wet nose in my ear… not so pleasant.

I figured a sunset shot would be fitting for my last photo of the year :)
Its weird to think its over… I don’t have to find/take a photo to post each day.

I am going to go ahead with my photo per week idea and post a weekly photo that was actually taken that week as opposed to my photo per day that I have taken whenever.

A similar shot to yesterday but zoomed out a bit to include the rocks

Rangitoto Island (its a volcano!) from Takapuna beach tonight.

The sun setting over East Coast Road form my Parents Deck tonight. I used my new step up on my 50mm to fit my polaraizer on :)

I love my wife :) she gives me cool pressies!

I found this photo from ages ago… A few years even. A few mates and I had found our way to Muriwai and had a picnicish type thing :)


Heres another shot of the abandoned thingymajig on the hill in Albany. Apparently it belonged to R.O Wilkinson… lol for a good time call 410 7171. Aren’t I so funny /sigh

Yay its FRIDAY!!!!!!! except if your in another country and its not Friday… haha sucks to not be me… or anyone downunder really but yeah you get the idea.

I was on a boat when I took this… I never thought I would be on a boat (and take a photo like this)

Yeah enough of the internet memes. This was taken back in December before I had this crazy idea to post daily shots. It was Rachels work Xmas function.